Cables and Assemblies

Cabling and value added assemblies, flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cables and assemblies, coaxial delay lines, connectors for RF transmission from HF through Microwave frequencies

Metal Forming, plating and painting

Chemical milling, custom stampings, EMI shielding, fabric over foam, plated foils, electroplating services, custom and standard enclosures


Diodes, Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Protection Devices, MOSFETs, Wafer/Bare Die, LED lamps and displays, infrared LEDs, photodetectors, photointerrupters, photo / optocouplers, and MEMs


Transformers, power cords, AC-DC switching power, DC-DC converters, modified and custom power supplies, POL regulators, isolation transformers, IGBT, Medical, and LED drivers.


Connectors for PCB, I./O, power, high speed and high power backplanes, system solutions relays, terminal blocks, resettable fuses, and switches


Precision LC filters, video & general purpose delay lines, video filters, video hum eliminators, isolation transformers, digital delay lines, HDTV filters, audio ground loop, low pass video filters, brickwall filters

Lightning Protection

Surge and lightning protection for applications throughout the entire useful RF frequency range from DC with capability up to and including 6 GHz


Liquid-level Transmitters, Linear Position Sensors